Logo and Slogan Design

Creating the base of the company

The logo is your brand put into a design, effectively becoming the face of your company. The slogan is your message, written so that it is stuck in your head all day. These are the reasons why Logo and Slogan design are important, these are the essentials of any company, start up or corporate.

Having a unique, memorable, and appealing logo design is literally the most basic essential item a company needs to brand itself. Even if you’re trying to keep it simple, you still need a logo of some kind to separate you from your competition, and set the tone of how you would like your potential customers to see you.

The Sky is the limit
At Marketopia, we make the Logo design process extremely simple.
  1. You provide information

  2. We build upon that information

  3. You tell us what you think

  4. And now you have your very own logo!

After you’ve given us all the information we request from you about you and your company, we will start building using that information by creating design concepts and design samples for you to look at. These first drafts will give you an impression of where we’re going with your concept, and then all you have to do is give us your feedback. Soon you’ll have the logo your company deserves.

A slogan list will be provided for you to look through and choose from; if you already have one in mind, let us know and we’ll try to integrate it and put it into the logo.

We provide our clients with their logos in .PSD, .AI, .PNG, .JPEG, and any other needed formats.

Here at Marketopia, we want to provide you with not only a great looking logo, but a great looking company. We recommend you check out our Corporate Identity design service to continue on your way to creating the official look and feel of your company.

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