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PPC advertising, Pay per Click advertising, or “sponsored links” advertising is a type of internet marketing in which businesses put an ad on search engines and only pay a fee whenever the ad is actually clicked on. For many businesses, it is the best affordable form of online marketing as businesses and companies are able to set a price limit according to their budget. It also offers immediate search engine visibility, but it takes time and effort to be one of the first ads to been seen.

Search Engine advertising is the most popular method of PPC advertising, and is usually used with Display Network advertising. When using search engine PPC, your ad and message can be seen by millions of targeted individuals and businesses who are already actively searching for your product or services on popular search engines such as Google and Bing.

As a full service online marketing company in Cairo, Egypt, Marketopia provides a wide range of services to satisfy our clients’ wishes and needs. Online marketing basics are always changing, which is why it isn’t always easy to prepare a PPC ad campaign that will get results.  Marketopia offers a complete PPC campaign management program and service that was created to make sure that we are providing our clients with the best management for their campaigns, as well as guarantee an increased amount of traffic to their website and landing pages. We want to make sure your campaign is effective, affordable, and worth every pound. Our campaign management services include

What you get?

  • Campaign setup

  • Beneficial and relevant Keywords research

  • Effective Keyword targeting

  • Landing Page selection

  • Continuous testing of ad

  • Keyword bids and preferred placement on the page for each ad

  • Geo-targeting for each ad in alignment with the geographical range of the client base*

  • Ad placement in the Google Content Network and Search Network

  • Ad adjustments

  • Bid price adjustments

  • Landing page adjustments

When the preparations are done, our team of experienced advertisers and campaign managers will start to prepare constant reports for our clients. These reports are to provide a physical and easy to understand method for our clients to know how their ads are working and if they are effective. Our PPC professionals will measure individual needs and will frequently monitor the bidding process and placement of keywords to provide our clients with the best PPC campaigns and a strong and easy to understand report of the ad’s happenings. Marketopia likes to provide a quick and adaptable response to our client’s campaigns through our experienced team members.


An effective Pay per Click campaign works well with improved SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website/s, and is the reason why we suggest putting them together. Improving your website’s overall SEO is a great addition to any online marketing campaign and will highly improve your chances of being seen by potential customers. If your website is not easy to read or navigate through, this can hurt your rankings on search engines as well, our experienced web development team will be happy to remake your website, or simply build you a new one. Optimizing your website and PPC campaign go hand in hand, working together, they will help any business reach a new level of ROIs and potential customers.

If you’d like to learn more about PPC advertising, check out this Wordstream article for more information.


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