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At Marketopia


We're aware of the dilemma you are in! With a diverse spectrum of options and packages, and the complex technical aspects that you don't fully grasp, making a decision is really not a walk on the park!


Confused about how it works?


We put down an easy way to follow road-map that will take you step by step through the maze of search engines, and back to your own bank account.


Our strategy is not simply to drive more traffic to your website, but we've tied up state of the art technology with our unique marketing expertise to achieve optimum results, thus maintaining the highest ROI and keeping you ahead of the game.


Why Marketopia?

Here is how we do things differently!

Window-shoppers Vs Serious buyers


The term PAY PER CLICK can be quite scary; it hits your mind with all those window-shoppers fooling around on the web! No business owner would want to keep paying for window-shoppers' clicks.


At Marketopia, we guarantee front page visibility that will drive more serious buyer traffic to your website.


How do we do so?


This is not a simple process; however, it's definitely feasible with our team of ingenious and talented marketers, combined with applying smart technologies and thorough understanding of the fast-paced online marketplace.


Customers' satisfaction is our sole priority!

We believe that the corner stone of running a successful, and profit-generating advertising campaign is healthy and interactive relations between the service provider and the business owner.


We don't keep our customers on the bench, but we get them involved in the game and down to the tiniest details.



Our PPC advertising campaign benefits:


  • Front page visibility guarantee

  • A dedicated account manager to plan your campaign.

  • Dissecting your business aspects and highlighting your competitive advantages.

  • In-depth analysis of the market with efficient strategies.

  • Creating a set of keywords; widely searched and relevant to your business.

  • Frequent testing and tweaking to maintain efficiency.

  • Flexible packages and pricing plans tailor-made to suit your budget.



What you can do?


  • Track number of clicks, leads and prospects generated from your ad.

  • Track your own expenses to know every penny spent on the campaign.

  • Track sales and ROI.

  • Change or modify your keywords according to your business's increasing demands, seasonal changes, promotions and special offers.


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