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Getting people to know you

A company’s influence and reputation is not created by its products and services alone, their reputation and influence is also based on how the public perceives and sees the company through their own values, thoughts, and experience. The reason why Public Relations is and should be an integral and improtant part of any company is because without the love and awareness of the people, we are nothing.

The reputation of any company can affect many critical business areas, such as sales, business performance, corporate leadership and ranking, crises management, and employee relations. We aim to ensure that your company will benefit from an overall well maintained reputation.

Here at Marketopia, we understand how to get your company through the complex and ever changing land of corporate branding, reputation building, and media relations.  We do this through communicating with key person(s), building and maintaining brand awareness, managing stakeholder and shareholder expectation, and more.

  • Media Relations

  • Government Relations

  • Employee/Community Relations

  • Brand Development/Maintenance

  • Strategy Development and Implementation

  • Media and Presentation training

  • Celebrity and Influencer Relations

  • Crisis Management

  • Content Creation and Editing

Media Relations is the heart of PR; we provide possibilities and opportunities for your company to build relationships with various media outlets to improve the public’s perception of your company, and to communicate the company/brand message across broad or specific audiences. This brand message will be cultivated through a quantitative analysis of your company and how you and your company want to be seen as. The message should focus on telling the story of your company, and why people should care about you and your products/services. These two are the most essential processes of any Public Relation plan and strategy.

Public Relations is a content focused activity, and while written content is an integral and important part, the public prefers a person's face as the company. Our Media and Presentation training is provided to chosen spokesperson(s) to give them knowledge, confidence, and coaching to prepare them for any media appearances. We will provide storytelling lessons, confidence building, broadcast readiness, and how to avoid and answer certain questions without negative backlash sessions and coaching. This training will also come in handy during times of crisis.

Speaking of crisis, Crisis management and preparedness is important to think about for the company. If you are preparing for the future or if you are currently in a crisis, we highly recommend you prepare before any official statement. Crisis management does not only reach towards the spokesperson(s), employees and your community must also be prepped and ready for any demands, inquiries, and/or attacks by third parties. Marketopia provides crisis planning, crisis team evaluation and creation, real time monitoring, and issue escalation evaluation for our clients among others.

Our experienced copy and content team will constantly provide and edit content for you, from press releases to blog posts and videos for Social Media. High quality content can improve a company’s visibility, reputation, and truth worthiness and have the ability to change built perceptions and opinions to more positive views. This and SEO can also improve your overall visibility online.

We recommend going through our other Branding services as these will help to provide the most effective base from which our PR team can work with, and will supply better benefits when coupled together. You may also want to go through our content creation section to view some of the ways we can provide targeted content for your PR and corporate needs.

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