Video Production

Our professional filming crew and editors are more than willing for any challenge your company can give us. Our qualified team will create tailored multimedia content for multiple platforms, devices and target audiences. They will create your video to perform well on all the relevant platforms including TV, YouTube and implement them through various social media platforms.


Our production crew delivers on all production needs on all production stages, starting from Pre-production to editing. We have a dedicated team of directors, cameramen, music composers, editors and more. Each one is always striving to learn more to create even better productions with every video.

From commercial videos to training videos, film editing to web video marketing, we offer a huge range of quality video production services to bring your business to life. From videos for small businesses to corporate video production for multinationals. We offer a range of video production packages for all businesses and budgets. Our affordable video production package is great for SEM video, providing a half-day of filming, HD camera and editing to make your project a success.


At Marketopia, we always start with a strategy meeting to clearly identify the purpose, audience and intent of the video. This stage is crucial to ensuring a successful product. The pre-production phase contains all the parts of preparation to ensure the highest quality video, from planning to casting.

Pre-Production Services include:


  • Brainstorming & Goal Analysis

  • Strategic Planning & Assessment

  • Market Analysis

  • Communications & Brand Assessment

  • Concept Development, Production Design, & Treatment

  • Script writing & Production Preparation

  • Storyboard Creation

  • Production Coordination & Scheduling

  • Casting Talent & Hiring Crew

  • Location Scouting & Permits

  • Budget Development & Travel Arrangement



The Production phase includes mainly shooting elements such as actual filming. Each scene and shot is carefully created and selected to ensure your message is easily understood by your target audience.

Production Services include:


  • Camera Crews - large and small, High Definition/Standard Definition

  • Principle Photography

  • Interviews and casting services

  • How-To Demonstrations/Re-Enactments/Dramatizations

  • Location Management

  • Lighting Design

  • Sound Packages - Mixers, Lavs, Windscreens, Wireless

  • Acting Talent - professional/non-professionals

  • Fashion, Makeup and Hair stylists

  • Specialty Equipment - Grip Trucks, Steadicam, Dolly & Track, Jib-Arms/Camera Cranes, drones


Post Production

The final phase leaves all the footage with our in-house editors, where they take the raw footage and make it into the video product you need and want.

Post Production Services include:


  • Managing the Footage

  • Video Editing

  • Inserting Special Effects & Graphics

  • Animation

  • Adding Music or Commissioning Custom Scores

  • Voice Over Recording Sessions

  • Audio Sweetening

  • Captioning

  • Language Translation

  • Video Formatting & Encoding - CD/DVD, Blu-ray, Web, H.264, Mobile


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