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Online Display Network advertising may be the original online marketing tool, but YouTube has become the number 1 online display medium. With over 1 Billion users, and a daily number of views of 4 Billion, it’s not hard to see why it’s become one of the best methods to market and advertise online, especially with its easy to share system
which is compatible with a wide host of Social Media platforms.

As with Google Display Network Advertising, you will have complete control over how much you want to spend on your YouTube advertising campaign and when you want to stop. These will surely send potential customers to your
website and landing pages, supplying you with more online foot traffic quickly and cost effectively.

6 different types of YouTube Advertising formats

  • Display Ads

This YouTube Advertisement format appears on the right of a normal video as a large box; for enlarged players, the ad will appear right underneath it and above video suggestions.

  • Overlay Ads

These are semi-transparent ads that appear as a banner on the bottom of the playing video.

  • Skippable Video Ads

These are the most visible type of video ads, ads that take over the video players and gives the viewers a chance to skip the video after 5 seconds.

  • Non-Skippable and Long Non-Skippable Ads

These are the new types of the normal Skippable ad, in which the viewer must finish the video before continuing onto their video. This ad can appear at any time within the video, and have a short maximum time limit.

  • Bumper Ads

3 second non-skippable ads that must be watched before continuing onto the viewer’s video.

  • Sponsored Cards

These small boxes appear within playing videos that are relevant to the card, it will appear only for a few seconds before disappearing.

All you have to do is provide us with your website or landing page, your ad, and a moment of your time to discuss your potential strategy. If you don’t have an already prepared ad, we can provide you with content creation services such as written copy content, and video production. We also do infographic videos and photography.

We will constantly watch over your ads, and optimizing them when needed through our monitoring process. We guarantee that you will gain improvements with ROI, an increase in website visitors, and increased brand awareness on the web through YouTube advertising. We also recommend putting them with any of our other online marketing solutions.  

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